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"Please...Don't Cry."


"Please...Don't cry." A playlist dedicated to heart-crushing moments, and painful tears. Forgiveness or plot-twist? You decide.
~Hey Listen! This is my second video of a series of playlists I'm making. Each playlist will describe a different mood, place, person, and different scenes. Miny inspiration for writers struggling with writers block. But it can be used for anything else, drawing, cosplay, film, and ect. All the music has no vocals as it would be distracting. Thankyou for reading!!

  • Lilium (Violin) by sexual_slave_3b
  • ''You May Call Me Marth.'' by Lumiel
  • 俺にそんな力が…資格が…あると思うのか? by Nintendo
  • Dram Atical Murder Ost Disc 2 Track #24 by Nitro+
  • New MP3! D- YouTube by Just Be Friends (Music Box, Off-Vocal) English Sub
  • I Was Lost Without You by Sam Hulick
  • Time's End- Majora's Mask Remixed by Theophany
  • Awakening by Shoji Meguro
  • Midna's Theme by DiamondStudioMusic
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There's not too many songs right now and the volume varies a lot. I'm so sorry! If you know any songs that would fit for this playlist please tell me.