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no one wants to know you when you're crashing down [A Viclock fanmix]


"Sherlock was burning away in spectacular fashion. His veins felt vibrant, his thinking lucid, the world around him so absolutely dull compared to cocaine and chemistry and Victor.

Victor was the greatest high of all. All the ups without any of the downs. There was white powder and sleepless nights, pumping music and flashing lights, embers lit up and tossed away, and always the furtive flashes of fingers on bare skin and bruises on lips, necks, hips. Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, all flooding through Sherlock with each new action he and Victor took together.

Victor Trevor was simply addicting.

And Sherlock Holmes was a textbook addict."

for when the high isn't worth the boy who caused it all.

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