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welcome to negative space


"there's only a shadow of me; in a manner of speaking i'm dead."

for when you feel like you ended up on the opposite side of the mirror that is life; people stare through you and you can't seem to look back at yourself without crying.

(but in the end it's ok. you learn to look past the mirrored image of yourself, and remember what's truly there.)

another lowkey study/sleep/sad mix. listening to sad music is therapeutic for me, maybe other people are like this too.

(cover: tanukii@tumblr)

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I've listened to a lot of playlists on 8tracks, but this one is probably my all-time favorite. I've listened to it countless times now and it always helps me study and relax when I'm feeling anxious. Thank for publishing it :)

@karkatthecrab oh wow this means so much to me!! i'm so happy this helps you, i made this mix when i was in a really bad spot and it also helped me cope.