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breakin' the replay button 2: electric boogaloo


Listen, does this sound familliar? It's another playlist!

My last playlist of the sort "repeat 'till the end of time" is as old as my time out of high school (that being...2 years...), so I figured it's time for an update. You liked what 18 year old me listened to, now take a gander at what 20 year old me is listening to.

As always, there's a mix of oldies and newies; but I've picked songs that represent my taste in music, as well as how it's changed. I've probably included even more newer songs than last time, considering that I've finally gotten off my high horse and realised newer music can still be great.

Enjoy :)

P.S - yes, I do have a guilty pleasure for early 90's hip hop. I only got into TLC 20 years too late.

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