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studying: ravenclaw common room

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so i just finished listening to your gryffindor common room mix & left a comment over there (btw the common rooms are such a lovely idea for a series of mixes!) and i'm only four tracks into this mix but! i just really wanted to say that right from the start this mix has had such a different - and incredibly *ravenclaw* one - character to your gryffindor mix, which is just so impressive!! ahhhhhh i'm just so amazed, these are lovely mixes you've got going, and i can't wait to listen to the slytherin one :D (and any future hufflepuff one you might make ofc :) )

@dragonantlers you are wonderful, thank you so much for your comments omg it means so much for me! :') yesssss hufflepuff's coming soooooooon (i hope) :D

@ohhades no problem, thank you for the amazing mixes that kept me working and focused for so long! :') got through a good few articles researching for my dissertation! and yayyyyyyy looking forward to hufflepuff too :D