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"Come at me,
And you'll see,
I'm more than meets the eye.
You think that,
You'll break me,
You're gonna find in time,
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning.
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July.
Sending out your army, but you still can't win;
Listen up, silly boy, 'cuz I'm gonna tell you why...
I burn!"

-RWBY (I Burn)

(Link to pic) http://pheberoni.tumblr.com/post/103356198134/i-cant-comprehend-how-much-i-am-in-love-w

I do not even own the game!!!! T___T

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The Xena song played and I almost shit my pants because Xena is the most important thing on earth, and I want to thank you and also the Maker for this playlist

@TheErnaBot I am very glad you enjoyed the Xena song!!! Cassandra is a warrior queen in my eyes!! >.< And thank you for listening to my playlist :D