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Sleek and Powerful

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Thank you, for adding my little piano playing to your list, I am glad that you enjoyed it so much as to include me on a list with Bartok

This is so cool. My best friend is a Slytherin and while a lot of people are like OH THEYRE EVIL BLEH that's so dumb. And I'm a Hufflepuff.

@TheSparkyWriter What is it about Hufflepuffs and Slytherins being BFFs though? I mean, dream team, for sure. It's just, like, really, oddly common.

WOW. I really love this playlist. I was so happy listening to it and it made my slytherin house pride go way up. I can almost picture Draco and the other slytherins at hogwarts going about their day to the music.

@introvert-girl Thank you so much! When making this playlist I really tried to capture the Slytherin feel, calm, elegant. Slytherin pride ✌

This playlist is incredible. The music is gorgeous, and everything flows so fantastically.... it has the perfect calm-but-dark vibe. Thank you so much for creating it! Exactly what I needed to listen to today.