Rhi Draws Things
Is this playlist safe for work?

♡ Bizarre Love Triangle ♡


Did I need to add 30 songs to this playlist? No.

Did I? Hell yeah.

So, here's a huge playlist dedicated to these three nerds and the big mess they've gotten themselves into, because its sad when you run out of playlists to listen to for them... so I basically shoved 5 playlists all together into this amalgamation. Cover art also belongs to me.


Special thanks to Spectrum ( https://onthespectrumwriting.tumblr.com or https://8tracks.com/spectrumwriting/mixes/1 ) for helping me pick out some more songs! If anyone has some songs they want me to hear, or made a playlist yourself, link it to me on my tumblr or here so I can listen ( https://turtle-trash.tumblr.com ).

35 tracks