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Some of the most beautiful pieces of instrumental music - perfect for studying, reading, or having a nap. For extra effect, play with rainymood.com. And if you're finished the playlist but not done studying, be sure to check out my other study list - Speechless 2.0 - for 3 more hours of instrumental magic!

24 tracks
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This is absolutely amazing! I use rainymood to calm myself down or to try and focus and so I needed music that would go right along with it. You totally nailed it on all of the songs, thank you so so much!

You know, this playlist is just too beautiful to study to sometimes... f.e.: there are moments that I just stop & swoon over my laptop or -like now- have a need to write a complimenting and ridiculous comment like this one. I adore it!

I don't usually comment but this calls for one. first off, Incredible playlist, but it is even more beautifully complimented by the rainymood.com, which I had never even heard of before this. Thank you so much for enhancing my study times and quiet times during the day. so peaceful.