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League of Legends Instrumental: Darius


Blood taints his weapon, an extension of his unyielding force. His ironclad will strives forward, his vision of uniting Noxus underneath his grasp. For he is the hand of Noxus, the warrior that will bring all under his grip.

An epic instrumental mix based on Darius.
Updated: 6/16

  • Darius Theme by League of Legends
  • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic OST Soundtrack Avatar of The Goddess by ssjqhino
  • Space Warriors by Theta Sound Music
  • Ravager Of Worlds (Epic, Intense, Orchestral/Hybrid) by Zhao Shen | StormSound
  • Road to Glory by audiomachine
  • Shibyura No Kairaku by Psycho-pass Soundtrack
  • Angels Cry by Jeevan Anandasivam, Veigar Margeirsson by Universal Trailer Series
  • Surpass (PostHaste Music [Vol. 10] by Mark Petrie
  • No Strings (Pinocchio Cover) by The Avengers: Age of Ultron Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • The Brutality Code (Epic Choral Hybrid Action) by Taseen Musawir
  • "Immortal") by The Last Stand (Dos Brains
  • Trailer 2 | Really Slow Motion by Captain America: The Winter Soldier
12 tracks
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