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League of Legends Instrumental: Redeemed Riven


A lost soul. A wanderer. A soldier. A broken, defeated soldier, but still a soldier. Still alive. Still struggling. Still fighting.

Second instrumental mix based on Riven's back story lore. ;w; Dedicated to Ben, my league friend.

  • 13 κrOnё by lickysensei
  • 紅唇 by Vanilla Mood
  • FFVII Crisis Core: The Burdened (Violin Cover) by TeraCMusic
  • Kyle Landry & Joanna Lee by Kingdom Hearts (Roxas' Theme) The Other Promise
  • Sad piano and violin by mar zi
  • Song From A Secret Garden by George
  • 君をのせて by スタジオジブリ
  • 10 - Lightning's Theme by stardustshooter
  • ザナルカンドにて by 植松伸夫
  • The Destruction Of Laputa (Choral Version) by Yoann Remia
10 tracks
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