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the trouble you give me

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1. i left the danger for an hour/i left the sadness for a day/i know that i am in safe hands

2. what do i do/with a love that won't sit still

3. you signed your name a million times in cursive/on the cover of every book you own/miss me more, miss me less, i never know

4. i don't do crowds, everyone put it down to rudeness/i laughed out loud, could they all see that it was sadness?

5. if you go your own way, i can go my own way/and we'll never speak of it again

6. my god, what would the community think/you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful

7. your blue eyes are like the deepest and the warmest seas/as the salt elevates my body, they float my heart up past my teeth

8. i love the trouble that you give me

9. you were only seventeen/so sweet with a mean streak/nearly brought me to my knees

10. put it inside your cigar box forever/and maybe someday you'll forgive me for never/doing what you wanted most/but you can't send true love through the post

11. but i'm all out of hunger/cause i'm a wanderer wondering/when i whisper you can have me walking on it

12. sad eyes, baby, it's been such a long time/sad eyes keep my heart breaking in the dark

13. that's not just friendship that's romance too/you like music we can dance to/sit me down, shut me up/i'll calm down/and i'll get along with you

14. it's the end, sweet friend of mine