Richard F. Yates
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“Room 101” Playlist by Richard F. Yates


For my 101st playlist on 8tracks, it only seemed fitting that I play Bowie’s “1984,” and then pick 100 other tracks (for a total of 101) assembled for the sole purpose of brainwashing and “re-educating” all of those citizens whose thought patterns are not in line with THE PARTY. (In this case, the PARTY is a big electro/rave/disco/funk/ska bash, with a few punky tunes thrown in for flavoring…) Those who SUBMIT to the entire playlist will find their minds expanded, their reality tunnels redecorated, and their PERSONALITIES FOREVER ELEVATED TO A NEW, HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE*! (*Offer not guaranteed in Florida, Kentucky, Texas, or Washington D.C.)

On with the RE-EDUCATION!!!


101 tracks
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