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a classical playlist for hannibal lecter

for the dark, the sinister, the visceral, the unapologetically damned. for a madness shared (with you)

16 tracks
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I don't understand how the ranking works. I have a mix that has waaaaay less likes and plays then this one and it's Gold? Don't know how that happened. This one deserves Gold.

@burningplumbranches It's based on how records work! Like a gold record is 500,000 units sold, a platinum is 1,000,000 units, and a diamond record is 10,000,000 units. I think gold on this site is 1,000 likes, and it goes up from there. That said, this one deserves diamond!

@Nicotiiine @burningplumbranches 'Gem' is for unusually high likes-to-plays ratios (before hitting 100 likes, anyway), 'Gold' is 100 likes, 'Platinum' is 1,000 likes, and 'Diamond' is 10,000 likes, fyi.

Though I love the Devil's Trill Sonata, I feel that the MIDI version you've included is a bit jarring in the mix, since the rest of the songs are actual instruments. A great choice of song, but the synthetic strings don't compare to the real thing.