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I'm always dragging that h0rse around


A Lil' Hal fanmix, because I identify with him in every single way and I cry over him as much as I cry over myself.
If you want the tracklist feel free to ask for it at enigmatically-haunting.tumblr.com

  • Shake it Out (Florence and the Machine Cover) by Khaki Thrill Party
  • Don't Let Me Get Me by Kin Wa
  • Marina and the Diamonds Oh No! Piano Cover by 0v0maltine
  • When I Grow Up (Impatient D & B Mix) by Garbage
  • It Took Me by Surprise by Maria Mena
  • Safe in the Dark by Ludo
  • Tatu Friend Or Foe by Alexander Valmont
  • Daisy Bell by TOFFEE MUSIC
  • Heard It All (Rare Enchant Demo) by Emilie Autumn
  • Show Me Love by Tatu
10 tracks
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