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Riddled Tongue, Fearful Crow

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What's wrong with you, boy? Got a riddled, tied up tongue?
What's wrong with you, boy? Fearful crow, or skinny scarecrow?
Doctor of Fear,
Patient of RIddles,
Who would want you but each other?
A fanmix for Scarecrow/Ridder.
If you need the tracklist, just message me at enigmatically-haunting.tumblr.com uwu

  • E.V.O.L by Marina & the Diamonds
  • Horror Of Our Love by Melissa Brooke Pereira
  • Blinding by Florence And The Machine Cover
  • You'll Rebel To Anything by Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Pay For It by mindlessselfindulgence
  • Time Is Running Out by Muse
  • I Won't Share You (The Smiths Cover) by Valdi Fahrizi
  • Down by The Birthday Massacre
8 tracks
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