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idiot teenagers with a deathwish

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@ridethekick I'm so glad there are people like you with a passion for instrumental music to create such amazing content for this fandom and bless the rest of us with the fruits of their labors! Would you be willing to post a list of the song titles (ie: the Blue Box, Elfangor, etc) somewhere online and link to it here? With Tapely out of commission, there's no way to access the full score listing with the Animorphs name right now.

@going_to_graceland i'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply! so just to be clear, you would like the animorph-ized tracklist for this shortened version of the mix? :) (and thank you again so much for your kind words!!! it really was a blast putting this mix together and i'm glad there are people like you to appreciate it!)

@going_to_graceland no problem! i've listed them here :) (also do you still have access to the full mix since tapely is gone? i'm happy to send the mix to you!)

i managed to hold it together until i reached "auxiliaries", at which point i wanted to burst into tears. AUUGHHH THIS WHOLE THING IS PERFECT

This playlist has been essential to all my sci fi writing needs, thank you so much for putting it together. Is there any way you could post the tracks' original titles somewhere? I'd really like to get some of the songs on my ipod. Hope it's not a bother! :)

@scodrina of COURSE darling, and i am so so happy to hear this mix has aided you creatively! http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2u76q9h&s=8#.VZqxGflViko here's all of them in order - it's the full version with extra 4 tracks that i couldn't include in the 8tracks post, but they're up on the tape.ly link :) (and i think you should be able to download them directly from tapely if you right click but don't quote me!)

@ridethekick Yes it worked thank you so much! My internet connection is spotty so it will be a delight to still be able to write to this music even when it's down. :)

@marikunin all around :) mostly movie scores but sometimes i'll listen out for pretty video game music too, and i keep up with composers i really like to see what they put out on their own outside of tv/film/video games.