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i had to do it, kid. it was a war. it's the whole point, you stupid, smug, smirking little jerk! don't you get it? we hurt the innocent in order to stop the evil. how else to win? no choice, you punk. we did what we had to do. "cold, man. that marco dude? he was just cold."

(a marco mix)

11 tracks
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this mix is so perfect, both in lyrics and music genres and styles. my personal favourite is Brain, though Wiseman comes close second. oh man, I can imagine myself listening to this over and over a lot.

@natcat5 what a sweet comment, thank you so much! i wasn't sure about this one *because* of all the different styles but i'm really glad you liked it - and your favorites are my favorites as well!

This is such a spot-on playlist, what are you doing to our hearts. I Wish, Kanye, and Ghost in the Machine have become faves of mine after this playlist, but the "I bet your mother would be proud of you" is such a suckerpunch to the gut emotionally and I love it. Gorgeous collection, thanks for sharing.

@going_to_graceland thank you so much, this really means a lot to me! i struggled a little with marco's mix because he's incredibly multifaceted and nuanced. your favorites are my favorites as well -- ESPECIALLY that frank ocean song. that line totally murders me too. thanks again for listening and leaving such a kind comment!

Marco is my absolute fave Animorph, and I also lost it at the "I Wish" remix. AMAZING. so looking forward to listening to all of your Animorphs mixes!

@equiddity thank you darling!! i'm so glad you enjoyed this one - marco is incredibly hard to mix! i hope you enjoy the rest! :)

"I wish" is the crown jewel of this playlist, but really, all six are awesome and work as a great modern adaption for all theses characters who were created in the 90's.

@501817924 what a great comment, thank you so much! i really appreciate that :) so glad you enjoyed 'i wish' - that was my personal favorite addition to this mix too!