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i'd given up soul-searching because it was too late. way past too late. the battle had become a war, and i, for better or worse, was the only leader we had. so from here on out, the doubts, the self-indulgent whining, they were over. save them for my old age in the unlikely event that i had an old age.

(a jake berenson mix)

11 tracks
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Oh lord almighty "And after the bombs subside / And this long, low campaign / Calls it good for the night / We meet in the streets / Will we meet in the bar's cold light? / We grip at our hands / We hold just a little tight" I wasn't prepared emotionally for this playlist. I usually don't get this worked up about Jake but these playlists are just too much and go together so well. The story arc of the first five songs is friggin tight.

@going_to_graceland your comments are killing me, thank you so so much! i'm really glad you're enjoying them - these are probably my favorite mixes i've ever made! :)

"it took something bad, to show me what i had / it took something sad, to remember who i am / i found myself that day / there was no other way" already wrecked and i'm only two songs in, oh god. your Animorphs character mixes are seriously the best.

@equiddity that's one of my favorite lines from this mix too! thank you so much for your sweet comment, it really means so much! i hope you enjoy the rest of the mix!