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keep fighting


"Always, everyone is shining on me, leading me. When I'm about to be crushed, I always remember. I'm carrying a light in my heart too. That's the spirit of all of us, in one. Just believe. For the moment that light shines down! I am Super Sailor Moon! With the strength given to me by everyone, I will shine through the darkness and make it light! I won't yield to any darkness!" -Super Sailor Moon

  • Revenge! Sailor Senshi by ARISAWA Takanori
  • Otome no Policy (Mix) by Medley: Sailor Star Song
  • レムレス by 有澤孝紀
  • Sailor Moon 'Moonlight Densetsu' For Orchestra by ForOrchestra
  • Ai no Kiseki by Sailor Moon Chile FanClub
  • Sailor Moon (Tuxedo Mirage) by cherry_nguyen
  • Sailor Senshi Shuuketsu by Sailor Moon ChileFanClub
  • Sailor Moon by DJ ALIT
  • Silver Millenium by [Rip From SNES] Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
  • SE-shuu (Sound Effects Collection) Moonlight Densetsu Arrangement by ARISAWA Takanori
  • Ai no Senshi by Sailor Moon Chile FanClub
  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 8bit by Traidipun Cartoon
  • Rata inmunda ( Los Diamantes Del Arpa) by Los Reyes Del Arpa
13 tracks
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