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// stories to listen to when streetlights start to look like paths leading Nowhere and the frost clings to your window //


for jaga

i hope you like these, they're songs i would classify as alternative r&b. they're the type to make you feel like you're a wanderer in a frozen universe (in a good way), and then at the climax of this mix you find yourself amongst civilisation, weeding your way through a pandemonium, like there's an earthquake and everybody's rushing to go to safer places (you'll find your safe place too). towards the end you'll be in your sanctuary, wherever that might be (probably a tree house or a beach because that's so you) and you will feel war-weary (also in a good way), but mostly relieved, so you let the stars tuck you in, and you fall asleep to the moonlight leaking through your window.

"Each night is a tree to hang from." - Charles Wright

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