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So badass, I need leather pants.


The world has survived nuclear Apocalypse, scavengers and lawlessness everywhere, Leather jackets with studs, sawed off shotguns, post - apocalyptic nuclear holocaust endless deserts, modded motorcycles, leather chaps, skull masks, and some bad-ass music to go with it...Careful of those Deathclaws!

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I played this while I was showering yesterday....had the most bad ass shower ever! didn't know that was even possible haha. Thanks a bunch for the mix :-)

Haha but a leather jacket really has that affect. I once intervened in a mugging with absolutely no fear thanks to my bike jacket :-P After discussing your mix with a friend he mentioned there is a new Mad Max coming out btw.

My husband used to have a streetbike ( sold it last year ) but he has this really cool black and blue leather get up. I tell him to just wear it, it's that cool! I have a couple leather jackets that I've customized with spraypaint/spikes, I miss my mohawk now, damnit. :C And I'll look into the new Mad Max film!

Very nice, my bike is a 30 year old Yamaha so I don't need the same protection as full gear but I do have a black and white one with The Crow stylised on the front, which I'm sure helps my confidence in it :-P Anyways I'm sure you wish to return to real life away from my study refuge, keep safe. It was nice talking to you