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In my world there is only you


See this would be just songs about you Max/Meg, but instead I'm going with the ones you may not have heard or are based on my tastes.

  • Can't Help Falling In Love with You by Diego Luna & Gustavo Santaolalla
    Because falling for you was the fastest and best thing I've ever done
  • SMILE by Never More -Reincarnation-PERSONA4
    Because you never cease to make me smile regardless of how my day's been
  • Labrys's Theme- Spirited Girl by Persona 4 Arena OST
    Because when I see you and hear you, I see a free-spirited, strong woman
  • Shadow World (Persona 4 : THE GOLDEN by OP
    Because talking to you makes me feel comfortable, like your voice is a home away from home
  • Superman by Goldfinger
    Because despite us being adults, we're growing up in our own ways
  • Green Bird by Yoko Kanno
    Because when I see you, I only see the real beauty that you have
  • Sakasama no Chou (JiGoku ShouJo OP1) by Snow
    Because when things seemed like they were at their worst, we kept each other down on the ground
  • Chingon by Chingón
    Because damn, I've never actually known someone as beautiful as you before
  • Concord by NicolArmarfi & Blue123
    Because despite whatever problems you may have, you never let them stop you
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