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Am I a ghost hunter? I don't wanna be a ghost hunter this is all bullshit! Oh No

for being in the woods at dusk, sleepovers in abandoned, old buildings with the wind whistling through the trees and bigfoot howling into the night

playlist ; http://kuylo.tumblr.com/post/167098035506/ghost-proof-baby-a-buzzed-unsolved-playlist-for

12 tracks
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I gotta say, I love this mix. Perfect songs for those two dorky ghost hunters. The mood it put me in smells of rain in the woods and muddy paths leading into the unknown. 10/10, would recommend.

gah I wanna let you know that I listened to this nonstop last fall when I went on a trip into the woods with my friends and it was the WHOLE MOOD. thank you for this friggin lovely playlist, my dude