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Minnesota Missiles II


48 Tracks of hip-hop from minnesota. This includes the big names- Atmosphere & Brother Ali and all the other RSE guys, as well as the DTR crew plus a bunch of other up and comers like The Tribe & Big Cats!

like it and thumbs it up on stumble if you like it, i spent a long time on this :)

eyedea tribute - http://8tracks.com/rlfm/r-i-p-eyedea
the original minnesota missles - http://8tracks.com/rlfm/minnesota-missles

48 tracks
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there is an audio perm song on here, but thanks audio perm is fucking awesome. I actually know one of the guys in the group and not only do they make good music but theyre cool as hell too.

no i havent ccmari but i will definitely check them out, i think Ive heard of Roster McCabe I believe but never actually listened