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Gay Cinderella


Look, this idea took root almost a year ago and here it is.

Elyan had put up with over a decade of too-tight shoes and pinchy servant's clothes to stand in this ballroom. Now he wore his father's suit and his mother's mask. He was going to show Lady Delores what all her cruelty and anger had won her.

He was going to prove he still remembered how his parents danced.

And he was going to prove it by dancing with Prince Felix, if it was the last thing he did.

*Playlist Order: *

Songs 1-4: Felix and Elyan meet- mutual pining.

Songs 5-7- Felix and Elyan have forbidden meetings in secret.

Songs 8-10- The Ball and the Revelation.

Songs 11-13- Felix searches for Elyan, knowing he's being hidden.

Songs 14-16- Felix finds Elyan. They celebrate!

Happy endings for everyone.

16 tracks
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