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RobRadio #4: The Kitchen Sink Mix


Everything! All of the songs from the RobRadio #1-3 playlists on one big mega-list. Over 12 hours of alternative, new rock, and indie pop favourites.

141 tracks
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Just thought I'd let you know, The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition has been switched with a remix. This sort of thing has happened to one of my lists too; they told me it's because of the integration with Soundcloud, but if you report it they should bring your uploaded version back. Thanks again for the playlist :)

Is it creepy that I first really liked this playlist, then liked it even more because you were from Toronto? Is that hometown pride or Torontocentric thinking? Depends who you ask! I lean towards the former. Kudos buddy

Wanted you to know that I've bought several of the tracks in this playlist and gotten to discover lots of great music and bands thanks to you. Looking forward to more :)