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Closet To Gnarnia


These are the tracks that pumped me up for hundreds of races, carried me down endless pillows of legendary powder, and gave me the balls to huck my meat all over the rockies. Whether you're on the chairlift gearing up for the next run, or a student trapped in flat, snowless Ontario; these songs are sure to bring back memories of bluebird days and big lines. Life was meant to be lived outside of your comfort zone-- grip it and rip it my friends.

14 tracks
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this playlist was super sick until i heard eminem haha but everything else fits nicely into the playlist and accents eachother well

thanks guys! i took the photo cat skiing at Island Lake in the Kootenays in BC on Dec 23. some of the best conditions they had ever had early season apparently, with over 5 metres total snowfall already. there was a lot of fun to be had that day for 13 people and 7000 acres, and this was the soundtrack! much love to everyone