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Looking So Crazy In Love.


Peggy x Angie Mix | 40′s Swing(esque)


So this is a rebranding of an old mix of mine because i was gonna make a mix for these two and realised i had already made one that was pretty perfect and added some other tunes!

13 tracks
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@jesseeros i mean like i mentioned in the desc. it literally was that playlist though i guess i didn't mention it by name. i just rebranded it and added a few more songs. But i figure everyone had forgotten the mix and i wanted to make an angie/peggy one so i figured i just fix up one of my old ones.

this is my go-to playlist man. feeling sad?? this is a pick me up. feeling happy?? soundtrack to life. feeling lazy?? one hell of a enthusiasm booster. feeling 2658% in love with peggy carter?? dream playlist. You are awesome.