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If You Love It, Bring It Back From The Dead

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I love this! The songs are all so chill and I love the mood they create, it definitely fits the series perfectly. I especially like Sleep Paralysis, Lullaby for Grownups, and Working through Winter (especially the last one it's so cute and I always like when people include instrumental pieces, and that one really suits the If You Love It world) Also can I just say the cover art for this is perfect haha, I'm always so bad at finding pictures but that forest one fits so well. Thank you so much for making this, it's fantastic! <3 ~ whb

@8ofhearts Ah thank you so so much! I'm so happy you like it <3 I put in a lot of effort trying to find the right cover picture and get all the songs to fit the mood etc. I wanted to do the stories justice!