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"Please take care of him. Like me, he was instrumental in ending the last Blight. I trust his compassion and his strength above any other's, and I would not go through such effort to overcome our Callings only to lose him to your Inquisition.

Warden-Commander of Ferelden"

alistair/warden mix, if your inquisitor left romanced alistair in the fade (rude)

8 tracks
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This playlist is very Warden/Alistair and I ~didn't~ leave him in the Fade (I left my Hawke and yes, I'm still crying about it). It's so beautiful and encapsulates their relationship, especially with all the times they are separated from each other.

This is one of my all time favorite mixes, I have this playlist saved on my ipod so I can listen to it when im offline because it stuck with me that strongly. thank you so much for making this!