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Classical Songs to Study To


Nine tracks including music by Bach, George Gershwin, Nathaniel Shilkret & Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra and J.S.Bach. If I wanted to be punny, I could say that these songs are instrumental to your studies. I won't say that, though. I started off with the most Halloween-y of the songs, seeing as it's almost Halloween and all. Enough of my rambling; enjoy!

9 tracks
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Classical music does, in fact, help you study. When you are listening to music, the left side of your brain is being activated, while reading (studying) activates the right side of your brain. Research has shown that when both sides of the brain are being used, your ability to process and memorize things increases. Classical has a slower tempo and is less repetitious than many other genres such as rock and pop- which helps the brain focus.