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i saved the world today

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Also I never heard Joker's Daughter before they sound really good. Got to look up more from them now. And Amanda Palmer for the fucking win! All the hearts. All of them! ::::)

@RosehipSister Her music is absolutely great and she is super nice. I met her at her book signing. I wanted to thank her cause her music helped me through a really rough time.

Your mixes are all fantastic, but I'd have to say this one is my favorite. This is one of the best Aranea mixes I've heard in a while, great job!

@RosehipSister it really was great! there was a sort of dream-like constancy to it; the tones of the songs were similar in that throughout the mix the quiet backgrounds were always a mix of melancholy and surreal, and the vocals were gorgeous. they sounded so full and round, aaaahhh! and there were underlying themes too, stuff like dominance vs. surrender, life vs. death, pride vs. regret. it was *such* an Aranea-sounding mix. again, great job!