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karma police

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i love this mix!! the songs are so good (;へ;)ゞ while it may seem too light for the doom aspect, i feel that it describes doom players very well?? like. the aspect itself may seem pessimistic to others, but to the doom player its realistic rather than pessimistic?? like when youre saddled with something like decay and entropy youve sort of gotta come to accept it/get used to it. anyway i thought it was plenty dark enough!! thnk uu for this wonderful mix!!

@lokh that's how i feel myself too! in the end doom and life are the one and though one seems strong and other unevitable, neither can win. thank you :>

All the songs are really nice, but doom is a pretty pessimistic thing, isn't it. In my opinion, the mix is too lightsome.

@Ofsware idk pretty much pessimistic to me (when closer to the end of it), but i understand. i'm making a second Doom one, actually, hope you'll like it better