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You don't own me: A Ginny Weasley playlist


Ginny takes her brothers’ brooms and practices quidditch on her own when they won’t let her join them, she dates whoever she wants, is highly skilled at hexes and is never afraid to speak her mind. This playlist was completely different at first (a lot more tragic), but I decided she’s more of a badass than a victim or a wallower; and as such, her playlist is filled with strong women singing songs that will pump you up before your big game and feed your inner feminist boss.

18 tracks
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Ginny has got to be one of my absolute favorite characters, and this playlist is the best I've ever heard! It completely captures her independent, feminist personality that the movies don't do justice to (plus, it has Brooklyn Baby, which is one of my favorite Lana songs, so there's that). Wonderful job!

Normal Ginny playlist: sad songs about bummed people who are in love with people who don't know they exist....NOT THIS! SO FAB TYSM

@margaretanne97 Tbh I was originally going in a darker/sadder direction and then I thought "fuck no, that's not Ginny at all" You're very welcome!! xx