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you got me, you got me.


roses are red,
violets are blue.
over one year ago
was when i first met you.
and now here we are,
on this valentine's day.
since then, it is no doubt;
you always took my breath away.
i know this poem is quite cheesy,
but most of all, i wanted to see
if you would be my valentine?
it would mean the world, please?
you are the love of my life,
my brightest ray of sunshine.
i don't know where i'd be
without you, my every light.
i love you, i love you, i love you,
that will always be true.
you mean so, crazy much to me,
and i hope that i do to you, too.

happy valentine's day, keaton. ❤
and happy 10 months, love. ❤❤

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this is... so, so beautiful. these are perfect. you're so perfect. thank you, so, so, so much, for sharing them with me. thank you. you mean so much more to me than the entire universe, and i love you. i love you, i love you, forever and always.