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A Girl Like You


A mix of numbers performed by various Non/Disney ladies. Mostly under-celebrated or "secondary" numbers, this collection draws together duets between mothers, daughters, and friends, with songs that sing of freedom, faith, adventure, villainy, family, and love.

Tracklist: http://rrueplumet.tumblr.com/post/68225988763/a-girl-like-you-a-mix-of-numbers-performed-by

18 tracks
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I remember singing the German version of "I am A Girl Like You" with my best friend at that time... great times :) What a wonderful mix!

D: on my father's wings is broken D:
though i really appreciate your effort for making me remeber my chilhood :') thanks a lot

This was an awesome mix that totally brought back my childhood. ♥ Just wanted to say, though, that I think a track is missing? Only 17 is listed here (...though it also says the mix is 12 minutes, so that might be a glitch.) but I counted 18 on the tracklist, and I did not hear the fabulous last song from The Princess and the Pauper. :(

Thank you for pointing out the missing last song! I didn't even notice it hadn't uploaded, but I fixed it so it's there now. As for what 8tracks reads as the length, sometimes it glitches and displays the wrong info. So long as it plays correctly, it's all good :) thanks again!