30 comments on Be Prepared by rrueplumet

When the first track is literally your favorite villain song (and has been since you were about 5), you know it's gonna be a great playlist. Thanks for making it!

You included sooooo many fantastic songs. This is officially my new favorite mix. Hellfire is the best. Song all about sex and murder. What more could you ask for from a villain?

Before Toxic Love started I didn't recognize it but I saw that it was from FernGully and thought "Hey I remember that movie, it had that one scene that freaked me out as a kid" now after the song I am 98% sure that was the scene.

Love that the mix is named "Be Prepared" That song still gives me the chills.
And even thou he only ranks third on Disney's top 30 villains list, I say he is the most evil of them all because he not only betrayed his king but his whole family and in doing so successfully killed his own brother and ordered the death of his nephew. I can't think any other villain with that much success.

ratigans song from the great mouse detective belongs on this already amazing mix. you got almost every single villain song on here, I love it

I was playing this in a different tab and How Can I Refuse came on and I literally shrieked I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH BLESS YOU


this is a fantastic mix and i love every single song on this mix and gosh wow i'm just gushing over this! too perfect.