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Hero Anthems


A mix of my personal favourite "hero anthems" from various hand-drawn Non/Disney films. Songs sung by heroes or about them, a collection of dreams, desires, and doing the right thing.

Tracklist: http://rrueplumet.tumblr.com/post/66597813555/hero-anthems-a-mix-of-my-personal-favourite

24 tracks
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This is such a great bunch of songs! Just wondering -- where did you find this version of Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride? The vocals (both the main singer and the children's choir) sound different from the movie version. I noticed because Hawaiian pronunciation sounds strange (I"m from Hawaii) like it was sung by non-Hawaiian speakers lol. Just curious if there's another version floating around somewhere...

@yalex808 It sounds a bit like a live recording due to the fact it seems to have a bit of an echo. The actual soundtrack version is much cleaner with the choir and main vocals.

thanks! and i honestly have no idea why that happened :/ i don't even have other language versions of the song to upload if wanted to, haha! i replaced the file anyway so hopefully it will play correctly for everyone now :)

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! also. the song 'one jump ahead' by brad kane...is it really supposed to be in that language?? because that surprised me a bit hahaaaa.

thank you! and omg, what language did it play in? it plays in english when i listen! that must be 8tracks glitching or something, haha.