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Night Wandering


"Some things are easier to see at night."

Synopsis: A young man returns home from work to find his girlfriend in bed with another man. He develops insomnia and goes for walks in the middle of the night where he meets several new people, including an shy yet eccentric girl. As their walking conversations progress, the young man begins to realize that all is not right in this girl's world. He eventually discovers her home life is far worse than anything he could have ever imagined.

20 tracks
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I'm entirely not sure. I just did a Google search for nighttime images, and this one seemed the most fitting. If I could have found a (or better yet, produced my own) picture of a couple shrouded in shadows under a street light, that would have been all the better for this comp.

Oh my gawd! I totally do love these photos. Why have has it taken this long for my to have heard of Robert Adams?

Sacred Bones is THE record label of 2013. They have so many great releases this year. Have you heard the new Crystal Stilts album?

yes, it's great. Too bad it wasn't as well recieved as In Love With Oblivion there were some awesome tracks on the last one; also there is something wrong with the Sacred Bones cover design lately, i really liked the old ones with the picture on the bottom, you know, like this one. ( great illustration, made by Ivan Bilibin, one of the russian greats)

"Here's our logo, and some half-baked artwork. Deal with it."

If anything, at least the cover design takes a backseat to the quality of music Sacred Bones is putting out.

Ivan Bilibin is amazing! How is it I have I never heard of this artist until now?

I think they were "found" vintage photographs used by V23. They were doing all of the album artwork for 4AD (Red House Painters' record label) in the 90's.

4AD, Creation and Sarah Records are three 90's labels I cannot recommend enough. So many great bands on these labels!

Thanks again! Do you have any good music sites to recommend? I get everything from Stereogum, Pitchfork and Tinymixtapes, also The Needle Drop.

Surprisingly, those are the same sites I visit!

There is one music website, however, that I can highly recommend. It's called It's a aggregate site, featuring music from all sorts of blog sites. Every once in a while, I'll look for one band on that site and stumble upon blog posts featuring a ton of great recommendations and free mp3.

If you can find it, get the Sarah Records compilation There And Back Again Lane. One song after the next of sheer rain-soaked English bliss.

Autumn is the absolute perfect season for this style of English poetry-pop.

As it's Halloween, I'd like to recommend The Caretaker. I have one of their songs posted on my blog today:

I can't recommend this music enough. Creepy and comforting all at once.

That's 21 songs for 21 mornings with cheap coffee. I know The Caretaker, but i think Grouper might be my favourite. I think she's aslo a Portland native. Anyway, this cover is mindblowing

Yes, Grouper is amazing. Love her music.

Allow me to recommend "Warm" by 70's folk rocker, Darius. This song is haunting and warm, and I think it just may be right up your alley:

Very nice! I love this Darius guy and i'm sure a lot of bands/musucians that started in the 60s did terrific music but because they had few ways to advertise it is difficult now to trace the way music came to form lately.
Anyway, i'd like to recommend you a movie; maybe you've seen it but anyway. Also Sarah Records remind me of the works of Tony Richardson.
The movie is much more than this trailer.

Actually, I have heard of this film, but I have yet to see it. Now I know what I'm going to be watching this weekend. Thank you for the recommendation.

Here's one of my own for you: Have you seen The American Astronaut?