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Team Cream Presents: The Phantom Formal


"I found this cassette tape inside the burned-out husk that was once the cafeteria down at the old high school. What shame, all those kids losing their lives during the big dance. Then again, all kinds of crazy things where happening at that school in those days: shady double dealings, haunted classrooms, strange lights, sex cults, devil worship - you name it. Place was doomed, if you ask me. Anyway, here's what was on that tape."

20 tracks
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Yeah. Cheesy as this sounds, I like to give some of my mixes a sort of cinematic back story (or soundtracks for films that havent happened yet), and this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. All of the songs here sound warped and melancholy, so of course an "All Hell Breaks Loose at a Doomed School" movie soundtrack.