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Contemplative Rain


Some of the songs that I listen to when it rains... these are calming classics that put me in a pensive mood, maybe they can do the same for you!

9 tracks
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I'm always coming back tot his playlist while studying ^^ It gets me so focused that critical thinking while reading is easy as playing triangle :D

Listened to a lot of inspiring mixes here on 8tracks and yours is really standing apart. The quality and deepness of the tracks you propose is of outstanding quality.

Thank you so much, remilr! It seems like some of these works (such as Debussy's Arabesques and Ravel's String Quartet) are under appreciated or have never been experienced by the average listener... I'm just glad they've made such an impression. Thank you for the kind words!

after playing a portion of Pavane with my school's wind ensemble, i've loved this piece. actually, this mix has many delicious works. thank you.

The Pavane was one of my first experiences with Fauré, and it's definitely a classic! Thanks for listening, and I'm glad you like the mix!