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/ / H A U N T \ \


This is a playlist for when you just want to curl up & shut the world out. Featuring the beautifully haunting voices of Amber Run & Hozier's raw talent, this mix is slightly dark, a little gothic & even chilling at times, but the smooth harmonies and deep lyrics are sure to awaken a sense of understanding & deep thought inside.

16 tracks
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Love this. I'm very new to this site but I'm so in love. Hope you don't mind I gave you a follow. We just moved so I'm so excited to set up our internet and start making my own playlists. This one is perfect. <3

@ohbabyitsaims thankyou so much for listening & welcome to the neighbourhood! *knocks on the door with metaphorical brownies* I'm soo glad you enjoyed it xxx

helped me finish assignments that are due tomorrow and provided more interesting background than super chill study music. very nicely put together!

@thecastergirl I'm so glad it's helped you! I was unsure about it helping other people in the way it's helped me, but you've proved me wrong! Thanks for listening xx