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Couples Skate


The sign flickers as ALL SKATE is no longer lit, the white florescent lights get cut leaving, for a moment, the rink in darkness. The disco ball lights up and the DJ announces: "OK we're gonna clear the floor for couples skate". Finally COUPLES SKATE lights up. The anticipation begins. "Who do I pick?"; "I hope someone picks me."; "Which one will skate backwards?" (& for some) "I wonder if there's cotton candy at the snack bar". Go ahead dim the lights. Its time for COUPLES SKATE

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This personifies EVERYTHING I remember from couples skate at Mainstreet USA in Streamwood Illinois from my childhood. I joked with my friend that it wouldn't be complete without something from Journey, Foreigner, and George Michael. Lo and behold, all 3 of those artists played within the first 10 songs. Perfection. I kneel before the publisher as a god amongst men. Only issue I had was the copy of "Time After Time" was a cover (or a much, much later version from CL). It sounded almost calypso, like I was sitting on a tropical beach, and not holding the hand of my 6th grade crush in the dark.

@Nomisuke Thank you for the great compliment! I am really glad you enjoy the list. I looked into the tracks you mentioned. Those are not the tracks I uploaded. For some reason 8tracks will bounce to Soundcloud on certain songs. Soundcloud's meta data is a disaster and often pulls the wrong version and sometimes the wrong song altogether. Such is the case with the Cyndi Lauper track, The Jets track right after it and Aerosmith's Angel near the end of the list. I've uploaded different versions of each and the track still bounces back to the Soundcloud version so I've had to omit the tracks from the playlist.