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Oi! to the world! (vol.2)

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Bet life's just one long party out there at the mo; I'd not mind that, but I couldn't cope with the humidity. So, what took you out there, then…? I'm assuming, judging by your mixes, you're an ex-pat - saving the rainforest…? Rescuing orphaned sloths…? Or just emigrated cos the weather's always shite here…? I'll keep tabs on you, just DON'T expect too much - if anything - from me; a) cos I don't understand how it's supposed to work (I'm assuming that you've got to have access to all the tracks you want to use, yes…? In which case, some of the folk I'm following have collections of several terabytes - or enough vinyl/CDs to fill every single room in Buck Pal. I don't have that luxury - can't afford it for a start; I did have quite an extensive collection, but it's gone AWOL over the years - my school had a nun infestation and, let's put it this way, John Peel was basically Satan's sidekick. Used to have to have someone on the common room door whilst we had R1 on, cos Aggie would march in, turn it off - and then lecture us for the next hour about how "no good will become of those who listen to that godless racket!" I did convince her that the Jesus and Mary Chain and Sisters of Mercy were religious groups. New Wave TERRIFIED them - think they saw it as some kind of satanic apocalypse. They all thought Boy George was a girl - nobody dared correct them). Sorry rambling again. Bored fuck all else to do when you're stuck in bed all day… the other thing is, whether I had access to the tracks or not, would be moot as the website hates me; can't even log in with Chrome, and Firefox and Safari won't load the homepage. 8Tracks support don't appear to understand the sentence "Flash isn't blocked", because they're insisting it must be. If that's all they've got by way of support… I hate Flash anyway - breaks if ya look at it funny… why 8Tracks can't switch to HTML5 like most other sites, I've no fecking idea… okay, I'll leave you in peace. I feel sick - need to lie down again… X❤️X