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You Have That Something


Step by step, steppin’ steppin’, my feet follow you.
Just imagining it makes me happy, I follow you.
We won’t be able to talk, but I like it like this.
My heart follows you.

It’s all your fault, your fault, it’s your fault for being pretty
That’s the problem, problem, being pretty is the problem.

This is insane; you’re making me crazy.

Upbeat mix, to accompany the feelings you get from that someone you're interested in.

  • SHINee Life A Fire by JustDejavu_
  • 뒷모습 Steppin' by TVXQ
  • Angel 1004 by Samantha_chanbaek
  • Cross Gene by CROSS GENE
  • 긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right) by TEEN TOP
  • Something [TVXQ! The 7th Album `TENSE`] by 동방신기(TVXQ)
  • 너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love) by 효린
  • Drawing The Line (English Ver. by roushan saghier
  • V by Lee Jung Hyun
  • GIRLS DAY (original) by Something
10 tracks