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"From this unclean body of flesh and blood,
I have created a vessel worthy of harboring a god."

A playlist for the suffering cinnamon roll, the track order is important fyi
Timeline: Chaos Era (Pre:LR Novella) + Lightning Returns

9 tracks
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Great mix, creepy and haunting. I was wondering if I could get a full tracklisting of it so I could find some songs on youtube... Not sure if there's a glitch or cos I'm trying to access it outside the US but the tracks seem to show up in different order or not at all on 8tracks.

@blue_ajisai ah thank you! adsfsf i'm so sorry for the late response, i'm also using 8tracks outside of the US so sometimes it refuses to work for me. Here's a full tracklisting in the proper order if you'd still like to see one: 1) crosses - jose gonzalez, 2) tag you're it - melanie martinez, 3) old doll - ib soundtrack, 4) message man - twenty one pilots, 5) haunting - halsey, 6) dollhouse - melanie martinez, 7) heavy in your arms - florence & the machine, 8) end of all things - panic! at the disco, 9) begin again - purity ring