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songs fer wee ones


Eleven of my daughter's favey jams. includes music by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, Freaky Mountain and Michael Jackson.

the picture's about two yrs old but she still rocks the xyligatorphone (amongst other instruments)

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for the record i do love me some bjork. i actually think she's gotten better, musically, the longer she makes records. some of her old stuff is kinda dated (but still good). but her new shit (starting with vespertine - hot damn). i guess i like me some heaping doses of pretension or she's put out records with humans from crass so she gets a lifetime pass. thanks fer the video again! i'm gonna have to look into this here you tube thingy

But you technically WERE right!
And you're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. Not sure which camp you're in- the "hates Bjork" or "loves Bjork," but here is a great video of her interviewing Pärt from the BBC program "Modern Minimalists"

daaaang it! i thought i was gonna get that right...thanks fer the video link!!!! he is one of my favorite humans the universe ever spewed out.

Not Glendale (I know he was born there) - Lancaster. He moved there when he was 13(?) and pretty much spent the rest of his life in that area. It's kinda neat watching just about any video he ever made outdoors and seeing him singing right there in my own crappy desert home. Joshua trees and Captain Beefheart: that's how you know you're in the Mojave Desert.

wait...i'm using my super nerdy powers of obscurish music knowledge to glean that you are from this right?!? if so, holy crap hi-fives to me! but in all seriousness, yeah truly sad when he passed not too long ago.

If more kids liked Captain Beefheart, I might dislike them less. I'm still mourning his recent loss.

Fun fact! He and I are from the same town- he attended the same high school as my mom, where he met Zappa who was also from my hometown. ==The More you Know==*