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A Brief Summary of Drum and Bass


For anyone who loves an intelligent bassline, an original flow, and a kickass drop. Works best with headphones.

Starts off mellow, gets into the nuts and bolts before going out chill. These tracks have been my DnB bread and butter.

Features, among others, Pendulum, Sub Focus and deadmau5.

18 tracks
6 comments on A Brief Summary of Drum and Bass

Am I the only one who noticed that like 7 songs out of 8 isnt even dnb?? Very good playlist though! but again .. the title is not really representative!

Agreed. They are DnB"ish". The hardcore stuff has never really been for me. I like something I can zone out to. Yet if the situation comes along, I can dance to aswell. I have a friend who says my taste in DnB is COMMERCIAL. Perhaps....