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The Green Knight


Roronoa Zoro, the Knight sworn to serve his King. The Guardian of his family, the Protector of the small. The First-Mate and the Swordsman. Unwavering in his focus, dedication, and loyalty. To his enemies, he is a demon. To his nakama, he is a big brother.

I love this directionally challenged doofus. He may not wear his feelings as openly as his captain, but his actions betray his caring heart.

16 tracks
4 comments on The Green Knight

I love this playlist. It's the only Zoro playlist I've found that actually sounds like Zoro instead of being totally comprised of hard rock and screaming. Thank you!

@imwello thank you so much for saying so! :D and yes, I was thinking of Luffy at first, and then I suddenly remembered Kuina. <3

oh man!! this mix is so good! it surprised me how well "do it for him/her" actually fits zoro!!! thank you so much for making this!